What Should I Do if I Lose a Filling?

What is a Filling?

Fillings are a common dental treatment that involve removing a decayed area of a tooth and restoring that area with a metal or composite material. Fillings can last for many years but it’s not uncommon for them to eventually loosen or fall out.

You Don’t Need to Save It

In the event that you lose a filling, you may feel it loose in your mouth. It is not reusable so it’s fine to go ahead and dispose of it. Next, contact Dr. Patel and get an appointment as soon as you can.

You May Have Discomfort

A lost filling is typically not an emergency but you will likely have some discomfort or sensitivity when eating or drinking. Additionally, your compromised tooth is far more susceptible to breaking so you need to get an appointment sooner rather than later.

What To Do

In the meantime, you should use salt water rinses to keep the area clear of bacteria and brush your teeth as you normally do. Another option is using a temporary filling Most pharmacies sell dental wax or temporary filling material that you use until you can see Dr. Patel. This will help protect your sensitive tooth nerves for a short time but should not be used for more than a week as it is not a permanent solution for a compromised tooth.

In Case of Severe Pain or Swelling

If you are in severe pain or experience swelling in your face or jaw, this does indicate a possible emergency and you should immediately call Dr. Patel at our Carrollwood or Wesley Chapel location for an emergency appointment.

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