Is Chewing Ice Bad for Teeth?

While teeth are strong enough to chew ice, A Caring Dentist of Tampa strongly recommends against it. Chewing ice can be hydrating and for some, a satisfying way to help mitigate stress, however, it can also be very damaging to your teeth and cause stress to your jaw.

Ice cubes are so hard they can chip or crack teeth and it’s not uncommon that teeth can be structurally weakened by fillings. This makes teeth more susceptible to fractures from biting down on hard substances and the tooth can crack.  Even with healthy, unfilled teeth, the brittle texture and cold temperature of ice can cause tiny cracks in the enamel that compromise the health of an entire tooth.

You may not even realize you have cracked your tooth unless it becomes sensitive but once it has cracked, even just on the surface, this leaves the tooth vulnerable. The end result can be a severely compromised and painful tooth that may ultimately require a costly root canal.

You may enjoy eating ice but for the sake of your teeth, we advise that you only suck on the ice and never, ever crunch on it. If you suspect you may have cracked a tooth from chewing ice, please make an appointment for an exam so we can help prevent further damage!

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